Friday, January 25th

18:10 Check-in opens

19:00 Official start of LT Game Jam 2019 at the venues

19:10 Keynote and the announcement of Game Jam theme

19:25 Brainstorming the ideas

20:10 Pitching the ideas and teaming up

20:45 Jamming starts!

Saturday, January 26th

00:00 Jamming continues.

09:30 Morning snack time (varies by location).

10:30 Jamming continues.

12:00 Deadline to register your project on Global Game Jam website.

16:50 Deadline to submit screenshot of your game for Screenshot Saturday competition.
Screenshots must be submitted at the Facebook event page of your venue. Best screenshot authors will be awarded on Sunday.

17:00 Vilnius location: Life @Unity as RPG – Unity Technologies will give a presentation about career opportunities at the company.

17:30 Jamming continues.

Sunday, January 27th

00:00 Jamming continues.

15:00 Deadline to upload your games to

16:00 Deadline to bring your game trailers to organizers for game presentations.

16:10 Screenshot Saturday awards.

16:15 Game presentations start.

18:15 Voting at the venues.

18:30 Best LT Game Jam 2019 games announcement and awards.

19:00 LT Game Jam 2019 ends.